Irorama story

Irorama is a dream come true and this fills us with light and joy.

Our name is inspired from our firstborn daughter. When she was six months old and in my free time from her nurturing, she spurred my creativity and I unfolded my imagination using my color palette on glass and porcelain.

Since this process was established in my life it has become an irremovable part of myself, even during the pregnancy and birth of our second child.

My collection is comprised of various useful or decorative objects, jewelry, tiles and lightboxes – made of glass and porcelain.

My main “instigator”, assistant, and partner is my husband who believed in Irorama from the very first instant. He offers me discreet guidance and adds light to the colored glass surfaces transforming them into atmospheric table lamps or into illuminated frames and never stops exploring for the best materials and new ideas!

Irorama is the third member of our family, nourished by our love and we are happy to see it grow every day!

Our goal is to inspire and bring happiness to people through our creations.

Let’s not forget, creativity leads to birth and birth to life.

Enjoy your browsing.