This is an original hand painted lightbox which during nigh time offers a comforting ambient light to a room. During the day (when switched off) it transforms into a unique framed translucent painting on glass.
This lightbox can either be hung on a wall or placed on a table, a desk or on a nightstand.
The frame is made from Linden wood and is beautifully handcrafted and painted with ecological colored varnish that is chosen to suit each different painting, frame color can also be chosen to meet the customer’s preference.

It comes with an elegant fabric cable (2½ meters) designed for maximum flexibility and strength that comes out through the right corner of the box. The on/off switch is about 50 cm from the box.

The lightbox is Backlit with 80 cm of eco-friendly LED strip (longevity over 30000 hours!)
A distinguishable piece of art!